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Nursing Home Services

An extensive network of over 100 providers; who provide medical services to over 40 Nursing Homes. Our on-site providers will work closely with administrative staff and the interdisciplinary team to deliver the highest quality of care. 


Primary Care Services

Specialty Physician Services

Medical Director Contracts

Specialty Services

Cardiology                               Gastroenterology                      Infectious Disease                       Neurology

Nephrology                             Pulmonology                              Endocrinology                             Psychiatry

Wound Care                            ENT                                               Dermatology                                Pain Management


Model of Care for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Reduction of avoidable hospitalization                              

High Quality Cost Efficient Care                          

PDPM trained Providers                                         

In-house Subspecialty Consultation             

CMS Quality Survey preparedness                      

Compliance and Coordination of care between providers and nursing

Pharmacy management                                                        

Continuity of care in Hospital, Community, Assisted Living, and Urgent Cares

Nursing education                                                                  

Ancillary services - Transition of Care/Telehealth

24/7 on-call service



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