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Essen Health Care is collaborating with our EHR to explore innovative ways to deliver quality care to our patients. Our patients get access to the Patient Portal and the Healow App that allow them to have a greater hand in directing their healthcare.

Our EHR (Electronic Health Records) vendor, eClinicalWorks is a leading award winning EHR in the industry. Their unified and integrated healthcare IT solutions help us deliver high quality patient care in an efficient and convenient manner. We are continuously working with eClinicalWorks to implement the latest updates in this rapidly transforming healthcare world.

We at Essen Health Care put our patients at the very heart of all the services we provide. As a step towards empowering them, our patients now have access to directly communicate with their healthcare providers and their healthcare information via our Patient Portal. Our patients can securely and conveniently access our Patient Portal through their smart-phone or laptop.

While the Patient Portal allows our patients to request or book appointments, the Healow app gives our patients a whole host of benefits from activity trackers to tools that help patients monitor their blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, calories, sleep and much more. We believe in patient satisfaction and we strive to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients where they need it and when they need it. By engaging our patients using Healow and Patient Portal, our healthcare services are truly only a click away for our patients!

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