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Details About the Program

The initial step is a MD to BSN (RN), which is an accelerated post baccalaureate program, which is completed in 12-15 months. Graduates of this program are conferred with a BSN degree after the successful passing of the NCLEX exam.

The second step is a BSN to NP program, which is spread across 2 years, the first year concentration is academic and the second year would be clinical rotations, which are done with Essen Health Care.

Custom Made program for IMGs:

  • Work study program
  • Classes are online to allow for part or full time work through the course and self paced study
  • Students who are part of the program usually work with Essen during and after the program
  • Graduates of this program will be expected to work in primary care in underserved communities of the Bronx for a period of time following the program
  • Students can apply for financial aid

Why train International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to become Registered Nurses (RN) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs)?

  • Provides opportunity to address the primary care shortages by establishing career path for
    highly educated & experienced individuals.
  • Improve socio-economic conditions of IMGs by accrediting them to practice as primary care
    providers in undeserved areas in US.
  • Meet the demands of NYC’s immigrant population as they come from similar backgrounds.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by increasing the number of bilingual NPs with cultural awareness and competency.
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Primary Care Pathway Program