A Partner For Patients & Providers

Essen House Calls is New York’s #1 trusted physician house call service, providing a full spectrum of medical and diagnostic services for elderly and home-bound patients. We work with patients in coordination with their primary care physicians, hospitals, nursing facilities, nursing homes, and attendant agencies. Working with us is beneficial for your patients and here’s why:

Benefits For PCPs and Hospitals

With the largest full-time House Calls medical staff and most extensive follow-up team in New York state, we are fully equipped to work with you to care for your home-bound and/or elderly patients who have been hospitalized due to AMI, HF, or Pneumonia – conditions accounting for the greatest impact on Medicare Readmission Penalties. In partnering with Essen House Calls, House Calls will develop tailored disease-specific interventions that will drastically reduce avoidable 30-day readmissions for these patient populations. In doing so, we ensure that these patients are directed back to your facility should the need ever arise. This coordination of care has also been shown to increase patient satisfaction and follow-up care and is geared toward keeping the patient in their chosen hospital as opposed to being shifted around through different referral sources.

Benefits For Nursing & Rehabilitation

We have successfully built a coordinated discharge program, which eliminates all of the potential headaches and time consumption of the discharge process. We offer a one-stop shop solution to discharge planners and social workers. This includes a full spectrum of home medical and specialist services for your patients, coordinating nurses and home attendant services, durable medical equipment and supplies, as well as working closely with the patient’s family and primary care physician to assure that your patient gets the highest level of coordinated healthcare, often within 24 hours of your referral.

Benefits For Skilled Nursing & Home Health Aid Agencies

We offer excellent customer service to our partnering agencies, ensuring expedited processing of orders for those elderly patients requiring the extra assistance. With a large team of experienced physicians, we will work closely with you and your patient to provide a thorough medical assessment and provide you with the requisite documentation within 48 hours of the patient being seen.

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