Frequently Asked Questions

How Essen is Ensuring a Safe Office Visit

How Essen is Ensuring a Safe Office Visit –
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Essen Health Care sites are all following CDC guidelines for safety to protect our patients and our staff. You can expect:

• Masks for all staff and patients

• Touchless check-in for most of our offices

• Patient appointments are staggered to ensure the waiting rooms are not full and social distancing maintained

• Adherence to a rigorous cleaning schedule

Yes, many of our patients prefer a telehealth visit at this time. Our providers are able to speak to you and discuss all of your concerns. If additional care is required, your provider will be available to discuss options for an on-site or specialist visit.

If you are not feeling well and are scheduled for a medical non-urgent visit in one of our offices, we ask you to please call the office to either reschedule, or you can call the office to request a switch to a telehealth visit, and your provider will reschedule accordingly. Your telehealth visit can move forward as planned. If you are coming to one of Essen Health Care’s, Essen Urgent Care centers , please wear a mask and register at one of our kiosks when you arrive.

Yes, all of our urgent care centers can provide you with either test. If you are seeing a specialist and require a test, we will coordinate one with the closest Essen facility.

We are currently able to provide your test results mostly within 48-72 hours based on the ability of the lab to return the results back to Essen.

Our offices are cleaned rigorously by following all CDC recommendations. All patient areas are thoroughly cleaned in between patient visits.