Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Records

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients or their representatives should complete and submit a HIPAA Authorization for Release of Health Information and email to

This is the preferred method. Kindly note, you will need two (2) forms of photo identification scanned and sent to complete the online authorization.

Our policy is to fulfill medical record requests within ten (10) days from the date the request is received. Usually, record requests are completed before then. If archival records are requested, such as paper records, that may extend the time required to complete the medical record request and will be processed within thirty (30) days of receipt unless extenuating circumstances exist. You will be contacted by someone from the Medical Records Department in these cases.

Requests (such as for disability, from an attorney and/or insurance companies) are processed within thirty (30) days of receipt unless extenuating circumstances exist, in which case you will be contacted by the Medical Records Department.

Please allow three (3) days from submission before calling for status, or five (5) days if the request was mailed.

Yes, if you are unable to scan and send picture identification, you can print the paper form, complete it and send it to the appropriate facility. You will need to be sure to legibly complete each field on the form. The address and contact numbers are listed on the website

There are no fees for sending your records to another physician or healthcare facility for the continuation of your care. Medical records sent to you directly through your Patient Portal also do not have any fees. In accordance with federal and New York State laws, there is generally a reasonable cost-based fee if the records are being released for any third party for a different purpose.

Records can be sent by paper copy via certified or registered mail (i.e., USPS, FedEx or UPS) to the address indicated on the HIPAA Authorization Form. You may also receive the information electronically in an encrypted secure email to the email address you provide on your authorization form.

If the patient is a minor under twelve (12), the parent or legal guardian may request (sign for) the health information.

If the patient is a minor twelve (12) years of age and under eighteen (18), the HIPAA Authorization Form must be signed by:

· The parents or legally appointed guardian.

· If the patient is an emancipated minor (married, a parent, or self-supporting and living apart from the parent’s residence) he/she must sign.

· For reproductive health services, either both a parent/legally appointed guardian or the minor can sign.

If the patient is deceased, a copy of the death certificate will be required to verify that patient is deceased. Please upload a copy of the official death certificate, letters of administration or a notarized affidavit that the requestor is a distributee of the deceased if no executor is appointed, and a HIPAA Authorization signed by the executor or distributee as supporting information. You may complete an Affidavit of Distributee Form here

You can request a change or amendment by completing and submitting a Request for Amendment of Protected Health Information

Yes. You may call a 646-350-1613 to leave a voicemail message. All calls will be returned within 24 hours or one (1) business day.

HIPAA and state law consider some treatment information as sensitive and requires review and approval by the treating physician to release these records. You will be required to wait for the doctor to approve the release of these types of records.

Medical records for the following Essen Health Care affiliates will be made available to you. Unfortunately, those not listed are not available.

  • Office of Sreenivasa Murthy, MD
  • Office of Charmaine Cohen, MD
  • Offices formerly known as Dwell Family Doctors
    • 1381 White Plains Road
    • 3232 East Tremont Avenue
    • 2304 Eastchester Road
    • 5665 Riverdale Avenue
    • 8989 Union Turnpike
    • 808A Hicksville Road
    • 2710 Long Beach Road
  • Golden Medical Practice
  • Office of Praveen Kumrah, MD
  • Office of Koku Gasinu, MD
  • Offices of Dilip Mukhtyar, MD and Usha Mukhtyar, MD