Clinical Programs

Essen Health Care offers hands-on clinical experience for Medical Graduates seeking secure residency placements

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Career Development and Continuing Education Opportunities

Essen Health Care has a robust workforce development program that allows our International Medical Graduates to progress their career in multiple key

International Medical Graduates are able to leverage the experience acquired at Essen Health Care to secure Residency placements in the United States healthcare system.

Essen Health Care has a Match rate of over 35 matches per year.

Essen Health Care’s MD to NP (Medical Doctor to Nurse Practitioner) program is an alternate clinical career pathway for Medical Graduates looking to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. It allows a valuable pivot to those candidates who are unable to secure residency training.

Essen Health Care’s unique partnership with accredited schools, colleges and universities provide our International Medical Graduates the opportunity to advance their careers in healthcare via various Master’s degrees, such as MPH, MBA, MS, etc., as well as other professional certifications and licenses.

Essen Health Care is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and we seek qualified candidates who desire to work in and serve an ethnically diverse population.

Eligible candidates must have a valid US work authorization and a medical degree from an accredited university; MD, MBBS, MBBCh, etc.

Essen Health Care has one of the longest running medical job training programs for Medical Graduates and Medical Students based in the Bronx. This program has enabled thousands of people to start their career in medicine. Since opening in 1999, Essen Health Care has trained and hired over 150 International Medical Graduates on an annual basis.

Unlike other hospitals or healthcare systems that have shadowing or unpaid volunteer positions, Essen Health Care offers paid International Medical Graduates positions. This program allows Medical Graduates the opportunity to acquire administrative and operational skills and hands-on clinical experience.

We also foster an environment of continuing education and community as Medical Graduates can network with over 400 Providers across the Essen Health Care network of care, including:

• Urgent Care
• Primary Care
• Specialty Care
• House Calls
• Nursing Home

Our program will provide you with:
  • direct patient care experience
  • access to clinical skills workshops & medical lectures
  • opportunities to attend various medical
  • symposiums, seminars, and presentations
  • in-patient hospital internships
International Medical Graduates can gain experience in the following areas:
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) systems
  • Clinical platforms and databases
  • Diagnostic features of various acute and chronic diseases, including clinical presentations, therapeutic approaches, treatment modalities and prognose
  • Patient & Provider communication skills
  • History-taking and bedside/lab testing
  • Clinical data review and gaps-in-care management
  • Knowledge of CMS/DOH rules, regulations, policies, protocols, standards, and initiatives