At Essen, our tagline is “Where Care Comes Together.” This statement, intentionally crafted from our values, drives our ethos on what makes Essen Health Care stand out.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to innovate the current health care delivery system and to change the way healthcare is delivered in the communities we serve. By innovating, we aim to create a health care system model that’s high quality, accessible, and cost-efficient. We look to provide integrated health care delivery and specialized care to the underserved in New York City. Our overall mission is to say to every patient who walks into our facilities: “We Care for That.”

Our Vision

Our Vision is first to provide the most vulnerable and underserved communities access to the highest quality care. We work to create an affordable integrated care delivery model that responds to the unique needs of New York City. We’ve expanded to become an umbrella organization and will strive to continue expanding and specializing our services. We are excited to reach more of New York City as our organization grows, both in location and specialization.

Our Values

"Where Care Comes Together” is an intentional slogan because we value our patients, especially our patients from typically underserved parts of the community. We care about more than simply providing quality care to any individual, taking a holistic and patient-centered approach. To be more specific, we believe we have a responsibility to provide health care enhancing and aiding the needs of the physical needs of the community as a whole.

Our Commitment to You

Finally, we value innovation and forward-thinking, determined to continually adapt as the health needs of our patients change. We’re proud of all of the ways Essen has evolved in order to meet the needs of the community in just 20 years, and we’re excited to see how it will continue to grow in the next 20.

Get in touch. We’re here to help.

If you have any questions or need immediate assistance, please feel free to give us a call, visit an Urgent Care Center or schedule an appointment.