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Essen Health Care patients are eligible for various personalized care programs that help them manage their chronic conditions with individualized care plans, patient education and follow up.

Our Health Home and Care Management programs also provide support to help our patients handle various socio - economic factors that affect their health.

Care Management

Our Care Management team strives to maximize the value of care being delivered and ensure that the patients’ needs and preferences are identified and addressed. The goal is to provide safer and more effective care by ensuring continuity of care amongst all of the providers involved with the patient.

Our Care Managers work one-on-one with high-risk patients to better manage and support their healthcare needs. They discuss their current medical concerns and help them create treatment plans, schedule appointments, resolve insurance problems, develop self-management skills, and make referrals to other medical and social services in the community. Our program also addresses the social determinants of health, like housing instability, which often affect health issues adversely.

Health Home

A 'Health Home' is not a physical place. It is a group of health care and service providers working together to make sure you get the care and services you need to stay healthy. It is specifically for our Medicaid patients who meet the following conditions:

  • Two (2) chronic conditions; or
  • One (1) single qualifying condition (HIV/AIDS or SMI)

Once you are enrolled in a Health Home, you will have a care manager that works with you to develop a care plan. A care plan maps out the services you need, to put you on the road to better health. Some of the services may include:

  • Connecting to health care providers
  • Connecting to mental health and substance abuse providers
  • Connecting to needed medications
  • Help with housing
  • Social services (such as food, benefits, and transportation)
  • Other community programs that can support and assist you.

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Personalized Care