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Take Back Your Health

Care Management intends to maximize the value of care delivered and ensure that the patient’s needs and preferences are known and addressed.

The goal is to provide safer and more effective care by sharing pertinent information among all of the providers involved with the patient.

Care Managers work one-on-one with high-risk individuals to better manage their healthcare needs.

They discuss current medical concerns and help participants create treatment plans, schedule appointments, resolve insurance problems, develop self-management skills, and make referrals to other medical and social services in the community.

The program also addresses the social determinants of health, like housing instability, which often complicate health issues

Long-term Care

Care Management provides you with the tools necessary to improve your overall care and reduce your need for additional medical services by empowering both you and your health care team to manage and control your health conditions more effectively.

Health Home

Health Homes is a free, voluntary care coordination model that promotes and facilitates communication between all caregivers involved in a patient’s care, to address all of a patient’s needs in a comprehensive manner.

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Care Management