The reason for Vomiting can be anything from a stomach bug to something more serious. The doctors at Metro UrgiCare can help Norwood, East Tremont, Morris Heights, Parkchester in Bronx, NY and Brooklyn, NY area residents when they need it most.

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Vomiting Q & A

What is Vomiting?
Vomiting, also called regurgitation, is the expulsion of the food in the stomach via the mouth.

What is the Cause of Vomiting?
Vomiting can have many possible causes. It is not always known why a person vomits, but it can usually be traced to a food, a disease, an illness, or a behavior. Some of the most common reasons that people vomit today include: Food poisoning, excess alcohol intake, morning sickness during pregnancy, allergic reactions to medication, the flu, headache, motion sickness, and gastritis. People may also vomit out of pain or from disorientation. This includes situations like appendicitis, concussions, cancer, kidney disease, or some other type of internal organ disease. Sometimes people vomit because of gastritis.

What is Gastritis?
Gastritis is stomach inflammation. Although it can happen in alcoholics most frequently, it can also happen in people who take in stomach irritants on an empty stomach. For example, a person who drinks a bottle of carbonated soda before breakfast may be likely to suffer from gastritis. The stomach may not quite be equipped to handle a great deal of carbonation, acid, or other substance while completely empty and may expel its contents as a result. Once a patient has vomited, the discomfort of gastritis usually goes away. When people say that something “didn’t agree with them,” they are usually talking about gastritis.

What Are the Phases of Vomiting?
The first phase of vomiting is nausea, which is a type of early warning system. The next phase is retching, which lets a person know that expulsion is imminent. Finally, expulsion is the final stage of vomiting. While it’s not common, a person can retch and empty their stomach without feeling any nausea beforehand.

What is the Treatment For Vomiting?
Vomiting is usually a short term issue that will resolve on its own. However, in some cases, it may be an indicator of a deeper issue. People who vomit on a regular basis need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

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