Interim Care

Interim Care Services
Whether a patient is permanently home-bound or temporarily unable to leave their home to get care from a community physician, Essen House Calls can take care of all of a patient’s long-term or short-term health care needs.

Seasonal Care
If you or a loved one suffer from a condition that worsens due to the heat of the summer months or at risk for falling during icy conditions in winter, Essen House Calls can take care of all primary care needs on a short-term basis during those seasonal months. So forget having to travel in uncomfortable seasonal conditions – we’ll bring top-notch medical care right to you.

Post-Discharge/Transition of Care
If you or a loved one were recently discharged from the hospital or nursing home, or are just having difficulty getting to a doctor’s office, we will work together with the primary care physician and all other necessary individuals to coordinate top quality care – even temporarily – until you or your loved one are ready to resume regular doctor visits. Learn more about our Transition of Care

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